The goal for viral suppression is the last of the three target goals for 95:95:95. Achieving viral suppression is actually the life-giving goal. Sadly, there is a lot more heard about the first 2 goals – know your HIV status and be retained in care.

When there is a lot more messaging about viral suppression, the first two goals will be achieved since it is the route to viral suppression. The current noise about the first two goals drowns the sound of viral suppression. This has implications. People still live in denial and many still opt to die of having HIV infection.

With a paradigm shift in messaging around 95:95:95, it will be a lot easier to achieve the set goals. Messaging on viral suppression requires investment in creating awareness using strategic approaches that promotes community and family support for people living with HIV. Sustained education about viral suppression needs to take place in all nooks and crannies.

Patients’ literacy level also needs to be taken a notch higher. Create educational materials for literate and low-literate clients to understand how HIV treatment works to cause viral suppression and improve the quality of life. Viral suppression is about them, their wellness, and their well-being. This should be the message.

A lot is being done. A lot more can still be done