It is with great pleasure we announce that the first set of the NHVMAS HIV Prevention Advocacy Academy graduated on the 23rd of June 2017.
The programme admitted 10 candidates (5 male and 5 female) for a 6 months intensive training programme. They had to come to ‘school’ twice a week; implement a no funded individualproject and a no funded group project; and attend the GPP online training course. Eight of the 10 candidate met the criteria for graduation.
During this programme, 1,242 persons were reached through intensive educational programmes in Lagos State and 352 persons were tested for HIV. Of those tested, 35 persons were learning about their HIV positivity status for the first time of which 29 (76.3%) were successfully linked to and commenced treatment.
NHVMAS would love to celebrate the resilience and hard work of these candidates. We do miss them at the NHVMAS office. They were proofs that dreams could come true. Did we have a model for the LeNNiB champion programme? NO, but now we have created one. Were we certain we could retain participants for 6 months? NO, but now we have learnt the ropes on how to make it possible.
We want to thank each and everyone of you that supported us through this process
1. Those of you that served as facilitators – shared your knowledge and experience and inspired our champions. Thanks so much for being there. We shall be back next year -:).
2. Those of you that served as mentors to our Champions. Thanks for believing in the vision and being there. We plan to work with you in the coming months to learn how to make this work better. This was the weakest aspect of the programme. We however believe in its potentials.
3. For those of you that opened up your organisation to the champions to enable them come for field visits. They ALL loved this aspect of the programme and recommended we build on this element of the programme in future. So we would be back next year.
4. To AVAC who provided the funds and technical support to implement this programme through the CASPR grant. They listened, flexible and helped shape our thoughts and vision around the project. Thanks so so much.