According to the Minister of Communication, about 75% of Nigeria’s online population use social media; and the number keeps growing on both social networking sites and blogging sites. As of June 2016, there were about 80 million tweets sent per day. Facebook chat usage is currently over one billion messages daily according to the Nielsen report of 2016.
It is therefore imperative that we leverage on this opportunity to reach young people with tailor-made information on their sexual reproductive health whilst also facilitating access to services. Below are some of the important factors to consider when planning a social media campaign.
Activate your social media listening skills. Don’t just drop information, also listen for feedback.
Build your empathy. Young people want to be listened to and engaged. They want to be able to relate with you as a person and a friend.
Consider the history of your audience. You need to identify and know your audience, what they like, the things they listen to, what they don’t like, things that grab their attentions etc.
Determine your common language. How do you want to communicate with them? Determine that and use it consistently.
Evaluate your audience priority – Understand how your audience prioritize you, adjust your brand’s behavior accordingly.
Fund your understanding of social Behaviors – Read about studies and statistics on how different Demographics engage on social media.
Jump on events that young people are interested in and use that as a channel to drive home your own messages.
Be consistent! Be consistent!! Be consistent!!!
In an era where social media have become very strong platforms for dissemination and public discourse, it is imperative that we leverage on these platforms to ensure young people’s access to sexual reproductive health information and services.


Elizabeth Williams

LeNNiB Champion 2017