Twice a week, I make this long journey from Ijegun to Ojodu Berger. If you are familiar with Lagos state, you will agree with me when I say that it’s not an easy feat.

On those days, the dash to get out of the house so that I can make it to class on time can be exhilarating, but I am not complaining.

In fact, I eagerly anticipate it.

It has broadened my knowledge of HIV prevention advocacy and all the work that goes into planning strategic and effective HIV prevention programs for various demographics.

From Mr. David (our very own prof, calmly dropping nuggets of wisdom and a continual reminder of the no lateness rule), to Mr. Tosin (our plagiarism catcher, always cool and calm, patiently listening to our countless arguments), then Mr. Richard (proper M & E, he is all about the numbers), Ms. Florita (ever-smiling, you can literally feel her passion every time she teaches and it is so infectious) and the lovely Ms. Olayide (so eloquent, I could listen to her speak all day), our coordinators and facilitators have been amazing.

My favorite part of the program has to be my fellow champions. I love how the class can be serious one minute and burst into a series of hot takes the very next. The conversations and the respectful differences in opinions are what I look forward to the most.

I would also like to not forget our yummy free lunches and wifi.

I feel lucky to be a part of this program, and I am excitedly looking forward to the next 5 months as a LeNNiB champion.

-Queen Uguoeru – 2022 LENNiB Champion