NHVMAS join other allies to call for a reduction in the age of access to sexual and reproductive health services to 14 years. The continued mix in the age of maturity as declared by the Nigeria constitution, and the age of access to sexual and reproductive health services is a big gap in addressing sexual and reproductive health concerns in Nigeria. The demographic health surveys consistently show adolescents become sexually active by age 13 years. Adolescents do not become sexually active with parental consent. Yet, access of adolescents to sexual and reproductive health services, including those that can prevent them to unwanted outcomes like contraception, have to be with parental consent in most of the public and private clinics in Nigeria. Though health care workers recognise this concerns, they are unable to work outside the ambit of the law. A policy directive is required. The age of 14 is appropriate based on research evidence – at this age, adolescents make as much judgemental errors as adults. At the joint meeting of concerned allies on the need to reduce the age of access to services in Nigeria hosted by EVA in collaboration with APYIN and NHVMAS, there was a consensus to develop a roadmap for actions on this issues.