NHVMAS collaborates with Living Hope Care Society to build the capacity of CSOs in Osun State on how to conduct research literacy trainings
NHVMAS hosts its Media Roundtable in Jos to discuss media engagement in the NICCAV Project
MARPs gatekeepers in Kano state builds their capacity on research literacy
NHVMAS continues to facilitate active community engagement on the NICCAV project
Civil Society Organisations in Jos work hard to create research literacy awareness in Jos, Nigeria
Three days research literacy for MARPs in Cross River State
Three days research literacy for MARPs in Kaduna State
NHVMAS reaches community gate keepers with research literacy training
NHVMAS marks the 2012 WAD with a mix of funfair and seriousness
NHVMAS announces its 2012 New Prevention Technology Journalists of the Year
NHVMAS trains five partner organisations working with MARPS on research literacy
NHVMAS trains teachers in Lagos State as part of its Corporate Responsibility
NHVMAS builds the capacity of CSOs and CAB members at the HIV Vaccine demonstration site in Jos, Nigeria on how to interpret and communicate HIV trial results
NHVMAS hosts a media roundtable in abuja
NHVMAS hosts its second interface meeting for researchers and community representatives in abuja
NHVMAS organises a one day consultative meeting with representatives of CSOs in Ilesha, Ife Modakeke, Osogbo, Osun State
NHVMAS hosts an interface between researchers and hiv research community members in Nigeria
NHVMAS hosts a media roundtable on updates on npt research in Nigeria
NHVMAS develops a field guide on research literacy
NHVMAS inaugurates its gender forum
NHVMAS hosts its 2012 media forum
NHVMAS conducts a 2 days research literacy training
Report of NHVMAS activity for International Women Day
NHVMAS works with MARPS on promoting research literacy within the community
Research literacy - the 2012 agenda for MARPS
NHVMAS partners with the Institute of Public Health to initiate annual research ethics training
NHVMAS commemorates the World AIDS Day 2011 with partners
NHVMAS promoting community involvement in vaccines and microbicides trials in 2011
NHVMAS promotes integration of NPT information into HIV prevention communication
Report on the training of field workers in vulnerable communities on New HIV Prevention research literacy
Report on the training of field workers working with communities of vulnerable persons on how to understand, interprete and report HIV research results
Training of researchers in Ebonyi State on ethics of community engagement in research
NHVMAS hosts a Media and CSO roundtable in commemoration of the HIV vaccine day
NHVMAS builds the capacity of 28 members of the CSOs working with research sites in Abuja on how to interprete and communicate NPT research results 22nd to 24th April 2011
NHVMAS builds the capacity of 25 CSOs, and 2 journalists in Kaduna on how to interprete and communicate NPT research results - 12th to 14th of April, 2011
NHVMAS builds the capacity of 32 CSOs, media, students and health professionals in Enugu on how to interprete and communicate NPT research results - 6th to 8th of April, 2011
Two Journalists win the first edition of NHVMAS award on NPT reporting
NHVMAS trains CSOs and the Media on understanding and communicating NPT trial results.
NHVMAS trains teachers of ethics in medical and dental schools on the ethics of HIV research and service provision
Children, adolescents and youths learn about NPTs,
Report of one day workshop AIDS organized by Lagos NYSC peer educators trainers members,
NHVMAS participates in the 18th World AIDS Conference
PLHIV empowered to engaged with research
Medical Students learn about New HIV Prevention Technologies
NHVMAS trains laypersons and secretaries of Ethics Committees in Nigeria on how to review research protocols and provide constructive feedback
NHVMAS trains chairpersons of Ethics committees on the use of the GPP.
NHVMAS trains laypersons on ethics committee in Nigeria on research monitoring
NHVMAS at M2008
Report on rountable discussion on clinical trials
Nigeria making strides with new HIV Prevention Technology Research

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