It spreads like wild fire, it’s destructive impact is heavily felt, lives have been lost, wrong decisions taken, it influences the mind causing fear and disbelief. It’s stronghold makes it difficult to discern and accept the truth, it keeps one far from reality. What could be behind all these you ask?
MYTHS!:falsehood and wrong information that’s the answer.
It is indeed a wonder how information reaches every nook and cranny and with technology, information is passed easily and quickly but in some settings where technology has not gained grounds, proper information dissemination is difficult. In such settings, there are some individuals who are sincerely wrong. These are people who spread the false information with the honest mindset of helping others but are unaware that they are causing more harm than good and this is because they lack proper enlightenment and also have no means of verifying the information they get for genuinety and accuracy.
As there are a lot of accurate facts about HIV/AIDS, so also there are myths. Alot of measures have been put in place to ensure people get the right knowledge about HIV but there are still some unreached population. Data has shown that there is a need for more pragmatic HIV/AIDS-related knowledge action plan to target to cover all age groups, all geo-political zones while paying close attention to the rural areas as this is where many of these myths exist.
Some examples of these myths are: Being HIV positive is a death sentence, HIV can spread through touch, HIV positive people can’t have children, HIV can be contacted from mosquitoes, If a couple has HIV, they don’t need to protect themselves. All these are false and far from the truth, they can only make matters worse. Spreading myths is very dangerous to the Society, it makes all the work put in to seem effortless and as waste of time.
Let’s strive to get the right knowledge, share this knowledge anywhere we find ourselves (homes, villages, communities, localities etc). Let’s also assist and cooperate with organized awareness schemes in the ways we can so the efforts put in won’t go to waste. Proper information dissemination begins with the conscious efforts we put in. Together we can reach the unreached.
-Ojobo Hossan Ene – 2022 LeNNiB Champion