Juliana, a female sex worker at Miliki brothel, got pregnant by one of her customers, but unfortunately, the man denied the pregnancy. She tried to abort the baby but all the efforts proved abortive, hence a sign that she should probably keep the baby which she succumbed to. Juliana decided to give birth traditionally because  of the exorbitant hospital bills. During child birth, there was a little complication which mandated the need for her transfer to a general hospital where they found out the baby was HIV positive. The doctors tested the mother immediately and the same result was observed.

Juliana was enrolled with her child and they both were placed on treatment.

Had Juliana’s status been known to her, she could have been enrolled for PMTCT-Preventing and eliminating mother to child transmission of HIV.

PMTCT of HIV refers to the spread of HIV from an HIV positive woman to her child either during pregnancy, child birth, or breastfeeding.

Components of comprehensive PMTCT.

  1. Primary prevention of HIV infection among woman of child bearing.
  2. Preventing unintended pregnancies among woman living with HIV.
  3. Preventing HIV transmission from a woman living with HIV to her infant.
  4. Providing appropriate treatment, care and support to mother’s living with HIV and their children.

Ogunyemi Opeyemi – 2022 LeNNiB Champion