Chidera Godfrey, a dedicated youth advocate, draws on his personal journey as a young gay boy diagnosed with HIV in Nigeria, where LGBTQ individuals face criminalization. As the State Secretary for the Association of Positive Youths Living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria, Chidera works tirelessly to overcome barriers to HIV and sexual health services created by harsh laws. His role involves raising awareness about HIV prevention, including safer sex practices, PrEP, PEP, and emerging biomedical tools. Chidera is committed to empowering young people by promoting access to testing, counseling, and treatment adherence.

In addition to his local efforts Given his passion to advance gender equality and human rights, Chidera engages in advocacy at the community, national, and global levels, striving for inclusive policies and programs for marginalized communities. He actively participates in the community scorecard at health facilities to identify gaps in HIV service delivery. Serving as a member of Gender and human right steering committee in his state, where he is reporting issues of right violations of especially LGBTIQ persons, currently serving as a fellow with the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise-International AIDS Society, Chidera contributes to accelerating demand for an inclusive HIV vaccine in Africa and globally. His overarching goal is to ensure that all young people are well-informed, empowered, and able to voice their health needs.