Parents are the greatest assets for children. We are subject to the laws and mandates of our parents. I probably speak as such because I have very tough parents and I know what it is to live by their rules. and laws. I know what it is to grown up with different parents and I do have an insight into why adolescents may be considered rebellious. My father was extremely tough. He was had little accommodations for nonsense from we his children. He was very strict. He never wanted me to associate freely with anything outsde the christian world. He therefore restricted my knowledge and activities. Things were a lot easier because of my understanding mum. Sadly, this is the stage of life where adolescents are curious and want to explore. They will explore in these kind of gagged atmosphere but sadly, the exploration will be without parental guidance. Strict parents loose their children at this time as adolescents seek for knowledge from alternative sources. Parents should include early sex education for their children as part of the education they inculcate in the homes. Sex education should not be given in harsh manner. Just the way religion is taught to kids in the home, teach sex and sexuality to kids in the home. Home sexual education training is essential for adolescents as part of the love, care, correction and attention they need. Times are changing and parents also need to change with the changing times

Amos Fortune