The first National Conference on Adolescent Health in Nigeria held on the 10th to 13th of April 2019 was an exciting and awakening moment for me. This is a call for youths, stakeholders, government personnel and adolescent health practitioners to get involve in adolescents health programming and strategize on new effective way to programme for this adolescents and also to review adolescent age of consent to sexual reproductive health services. Adolescent youth friendly service is also key in programming for them, many adolescents find it difficult to access the Primary Health Care in their community due to the unwelcoming attitude, nonchalant, stigmatizing and discrimination from the health providers.
There are some critical points that needs no be noted or addressed on adolescent issues such as giving them the right for contraceptives; educating them on sexual violence; designing the right roles for adults to play in sexual reproductive health education; provide access to youth friendly health services in the primary health care. Also, there is a need for the primary health care workers to be educated or trained on a youth friendly service approach which will include confidentiality.
Adolescents and young persons are no longer the future of tomorrow rather, they are the future of today. Therefore, everyone needs to contribute to the adolescents needs by developing a safe and supportive environment for them to access the right information and friendly health systems.