The development of a safe, effective and affordable vaccine is the best tool to end public health diseases that have reached pandemic like HIV and COVID-19. In the past, vaccines have been used to control public health diseases like Polio, Yellow Fever, Measles to mention but a few.  With the global HIV and AIDS pandemic, several vaccine candidates have been tested in clinical trials with progress made though yet to develop an effective vaccine.  An effective HIV vaccine will be beneficial for both HIV negative persons (preventive vaccine) and for the People Living with HIV (Therapeutic vaccine).  HIV vaccine research and development has its own challenges and peculiarities, from understanding the science of the virus and immune correlates to the funding and logistics challenges of holding vaccine clinical trials in a changing HIV prevention landscape. Nevertheless, we must not give up the struggle to develop an effective HIV vaccine that will end the global HIV pandemic.

By Durueke Florita,

Executive Director, NHVMAS.