When person do HIV test and he con dey positive to HIV e no mean say the person go die, e no still mean say life don end, e also no mean say you no go fit marry or born o my brother, my sister. When person test positive for HIV for health center, them go enroll the person into care, this one mean say them go start to dey give the person drugs wey dem call ARV(Antiretroviral Drugs). The medicine go make you live long, and make the HIV virus for the person body reduce to the level wey the person no go fit transfer the HIV virus to another person (either em wife or em husband or e fit even be em sexual partners). The good thing be say you go com fit live positively fine if you use the medicine as doctor or healthcare provider don tell you make you use am.

You don com see say to get HIV no be death sentence? If you do your test and you begin dey use your drugs very well as doctor talk say make you dey use am everyday.