What is a Vaccine? View Answer
Is there an HIV vaccine? View Answer
Would HIV vaccines be safe? View Answer
Can this vaccine cause HIV/AIDS? View Answer
Who would benefit from an HIV vaccine? View Answer
Why should Nigeria be involved in HIV vaccine trials?Can this vaccine cause HIV/AIDS? View Answer
What role can I play in the HIV vaccine development process? View Answer
What is NHVMAS? View Answer
Why is an HIV vaccine needed? View Answer
What at about other approaches? View Answer
What is AMP? View Answer




Uganda was the country that held the first trial of an AIDS vaccine in Africa View Answer
South Africa is the country with the most participants in biomedical prevention trials. View Answer
Peru is the Latin American country hosting the greatest number of biomedical HIV prevention trial. View Answer
South Africa, Kenya and Uganda were the countries where randomized, controlled studies of adult male circumcision for HIV prevention were conducted. View Answer
Male circumcision for heterosexual HIV negative men is a new biomedical HIV prevention strategy to show efficacy. View Answer
Female condom is the only female-initiated prevention option currently available to prevent sexual transmission of HIV. View Answer
A new biomedical prevention option would not eliminate the need for condoms. View Answer
South Africa was the country that hosted the first ever trial that showed that an ARV-based microbicide is able to reduce HIV infection when applied topically to the vagina. View Answer
We need more than one prevention method View Answer
Informed consent is the the process by which individuals learn about a research study – ts purpose, procedures, benefits and risk – and agree to participate View Answer
The minimum prevention package provided to participants in HIV prevention trials for sexual transmission should include intensive condom and safer sex counseling, access to free male and female condoms, and regular screening and treatment for STIs View Answer
Some of the ways that host communities can benefit from prevention research include improved levels of health services, improved HIV prevention education and awarenes, and improvements to existing health and community related infrastructures. View Answer
Seventy-six countries across the world, including five where the death penalty applies-Iran, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen (plus some parts of Nigeria and Somalia)-criminalize same-sex relations. View Answer
Gay men and MSM are 19 times more likely to be living with HIV compared to the rest of the population. View Answer
Unprotected anal sex is 10 to 20 times more likely to result in HIV transmission compared to unprotected vaginal sex. View Answer
Men and women practice anal sex and both will benefit from a safe, effective, acceptable and accessible rectal microbicide View Answer
A rectal microbicide might be delivered as a lubricant, an enema or a suppository View Answer
Do you understand the meaning of all those jargons used to describe studies? View Answer
What are microbicides? View Answer
How are microbicides tested? View Answer
How do microbicides work? View Answer
If vaginal microbicides are meant for women, are men involved too? View Answer
What do the CAPRISA 004 trial results mean for HIV
prevention and microbicide research?
View Answer
What is the state of microbicide development? View Answer
What resources are needed to develop a
microbicide in the next five to ten years?
View Answer
When will women have safe and effective microbicides? View Answer
Why do women need microbicides? View Answer
Treatment as Prevention View FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) View FAQ

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